Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dance Fever in Nicaragua

Our dance event nearly got rained out this afternoon. It stopped raining about 5 minutes after the start time. We put the Latin pop music on the portable speakers and walked through the barrio one more time to let people know it was still on. By the time we circled around through the neighborhood, a small crowd had gathered at the corner where we planned to meet.

I'll be posting some photos and a link to a video clip soon. The world premiere be probably be this coming Friday, on a sheet stretch on a barrio wall.

If you've never walked through a Nicaraguan barrio, inviting people to a dance, you don't know what you're missing. Lots of nice, friendly people, and the cutest, most enthusiastic kids you've ever seen.

Barrio kids & wagon.jpg

Typical traffic in St. Lucia barrio. Photos by John Gough.

Barrio kid.jpg

Some pretty enthusiastic adults too.

Thumbs up!.jpg

The dance started slowly. Kids (and adults) were shy about getting out there and getting it on. I really really missed Robin at this event. She would have put on a show and gotten those kids (and adults) out there on the cobblestone in no time flat. The guys, of course, would have gotten into a big fight over who was going to dance with her next. It would have been great video, but maybe also an international incident. Don't laugh -- she had the security guys in the Cairo airport clapping and singing while she danced. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't have my video camera handy for that shot.

Some very young and incredibly cute girls started things off. Great video. I can't wait to edit it. Then some older girls and adults joined in. Then a lanky teenage boy jumped in and he was incredible. We'll work on editing for the next couple of days, then I'll upload the movie and post a link here.

Can't wait for the dance.jpg

This is the invitation we handed out in the barrio. This kid followed us all around the barrio, afraid he'd miss something.

In the barrio.jpg

Spreading the news in the barrio.