Saturday, May 24, 2008

Granada - as in Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua. Less than 24 hours here and I've already been awakened at 4 am by the sound of bombas (fireworks explosions), singing, and mariachi music wafting in from the open roof of the house I'm in. Some sort of religious holiday is happening this weekend, so it'll be another early wake-up call tomorrow morning. But that's cool, because when in Nicaragua, do as the Nicaraguans do.

Santa Fe friend, John Gough, and I flew down here yesterday to visit (and stay with) his amazing sweetheart, Marcia, who's been living here for four years. She remodeled a crumbling, traditional barrio dwelling into an amazing, contemporary work of art. I'm not sure how many other residents on this street have a small swimming pool inside the front entry, but I'm guessing not too many. Between the pool and the Wi-Fi network, this is the best place to stay in Granada. But you have to have connections... Bwhahahaha!

This afternoon, as I downloaded the morning's photos, I heard a band playing. It sounded very close. A trumpet or two, a bass drum, snare drum, tuba, and trombone. I ignored it, figuring it would be gone by the time I ran downstairs and went outside. 30 minutes later it's still playing so I grab the video camera and run downstairs and out to the street. About three doors down a band is on the porch of a house playing for what looks like a birthday party. Very cool stuff. People stare at me with curious looks as I slowly circle the small crowd, aiming the video camera at them and at the band. I'd be paranoid about being intrusive, except I figure they're thinking "I don't know who he is, but he's gotta be staying at Marcia's house." Marcia later confirms that they were thinking exactly that. Later tonight I'll put a clip on YouTube and post a link to it.

This place is fascinating. Colorful. Unique. Friendly. Happy. Where else do you see a funeral home with a sign like this? Unbelievable.

funeral home sign.jpg