Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More exploring in San Miguel

We had lunch plans to meet our group of pals at a hotel restaurant on the far side of town. Robin and I walked it so we could explore and take photos. Uphill all the way.

A view looking back towards town.

After lunch at La Puertocita at the top of the hill, we walked a short distance downhill to Judy Arnold's house. Judy used to live in Santa Fe. In 1985 she bought the house and property shown below for $7,500.

This photo of Judy's house was taken in 1985.

Now her house is in the middle of the neighborhood and is a multi-level, meandering place that includes two apartments for rent.

The gate to Judy's parking area and house.

One of Judy's patios, seen from the rooftop patio.

Judy and her cat enjoy the view of San Miguel and the Cathedral.

A house on Judy's street.