Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Take the last train from Clarksville

I'll be waiting at the station
We'll have time for coffee flavored kisses
And a bit of conversation
Oh no no no, oh no no no

Oops. Make that Clarkdale, Arizona. About thirty minutes from where we're staying in Cornville. We spent Wednesday afternoon riding a train from Clarkdale to Perkinsville and back, through Verde Canyon. Perkinsville has a population of 2 1/2 (man, woman, and 6 month-old child).

train on tracks.jpg
Heading northwest toward Verde Canyon and Perkinsville.

gondola car.jpg
I spent most of the trip here, shooting video.

Perkinsville depot.jpg
The Perkinsville depot is a fixer-upper.

Robin reading.jpg
Robin takes time to brush up her King Henry V.