Sunday, June 20, 2010

After Saatchi

When we left the Saatchi Gallery Robin, Scarlett, and Ela jumped in a taxi to hurry to their Afternoon Tea reservation at the Brown Hotel, well known among Afternoon Tea aficionados.

JohnD, Jay, and I started walking east towards Buckingham Palace, on to the theater district where we had arranged to meet the ladies later to see War Horse.

On the way we stopped at a couple of pubs to sample the beer. In the bottom photo Jay and JohnD enjoy relaxing in the middle of the street with a beer. Just try to remember to return your glass to the pub across the street.

Top photo: outside another pub, a beer barrel doubles as a table and ash tray. Standing around outside the pub and sipping beer while socializing seems to be the thing to do. Kinda like Facebook, but more like Face-pub.