Saturday, June 19, 2010

A brilliant start

Day One in London was your average run-of-mill fabulous fun adventure. I toured Heathrow terminals 3 and 4 in the morning while waiting for Robin. After Robin arrived we welcomed Scarlett and JohnD from their flight, then took the Express train to Paddington Station, just a couple of blocks from our hotel.
After checking in to our hotel we took a great walk all the way thru Hyde Park, on our way to The London Eye where we had reservations to take a Pimm's Flight, a private Pod with a guide serving Pimms. Loved it.
Next we took the tube back to Paddington Station and had dinner at The Gyngleboy pub, one of the few pubs in London that doesn't have a TV and that wasn't crowded with football fans watching the world cup. A gyngleboy is a leather flask, decorated with bells.
A great first day. But we're just getting warmed up. More to come.