Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Wednesday Photos

The walk to Robin's night class on the Brunel campus takes us past this DayCare next to a major road. It's after school hours and a fox wanders nonchalantly through the school yard. Where's Winston when you need him?

If you wait too long to trim tree branches from the school yard fence, they're really hard to remove. 

Signage in the UK can be confusing. But some symbology is universal and the message is clear no matter where you're from. This sign, for example, that means "Run Children! A UFO has landed!" 

We grabbed a quick bite for dinner in The Hub (the Brunel campus pub) before Robin's class. We got to see probably the world's worst pool players. 

The community garden we walk by every day is looking pretty good in the sections that aren't being ignored for the winter.

The overpass near our flat. The Metropolitan Line heads towards London's tube stations.

A side-street shortcut to the grocery store.

A splash of color. 

Late night Shakespeare stuff. Or maybe a Words With Friends game with her mother. Probably both.