Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching Up Today

A nice sleepy morning. When the morning call to prayer woke me up, I said a quick prayer: "Dear Lord, don't they know people are trying to sleep? Amen." I wonder how many Turkish prayers are similar to mine. All kidding aside, I do like the morning call to prayer. It reminds me I'm in Istanbul.

We're off to the Grand Bazaar and Topkapi, the former palace of sultans, now a museum. 

The flight to Istanbul. Next time, remind me not to pay an extra £10 per passenger to select your own seat on a 6:30 a.m. flight to Istanbul out of Heathrow Airport. 

Jay on our hotel balcony. That's Emin's place on the right. Did I mention the room is a fourth floor walk-up?

Robin and Jay, as we leave the hotel for a day of Istanbul. When our car dropped us off here at the front door, the hotel owner's son greeted us, served us Turkish Coffee, Turkish Tea, Turkish Delights, and conversation until Jay arrived. Jay met the owner's son, also named Jay (actually, it's Caner, pronounced a little like John Air) while serving his mandatory Turkish military time. 

Much more later today.