Sunday, February 5, 2012

Leaving for the train station soon

Woke up this morning with snow falling. It stopped snowing around late morning so we're going to walk to the train station, as soon as the landlord comes by to check us out of the apartment.

Robin on the Montmartre steps. The other guy is photographing art on the wall.

Looking at menus.

Historical marker.

Robin likes mosaic art.

One of the stores on Pigalle, the naughty part of town, where the Moulin Rouge is located.

The St. Pancras Hotel at King's Cross, in London. I shot this Thursday morning as were were catching the train to Paris. Newly remodeled, it's on our list to stay there at least one night. 

Interesting vegetables at a local fruit and vegetable store.

Interesting tomatoes.

In Paris vampires openly ride the Metro. Love this place!