Friday, February 17, 2012

London Walk

Our Thursday outing in London (galleries, Dr. Johnson's house, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese) required a lot of walking, but fortunately we'd planned the day so that everything was within a reasonable distance.

The walk gave us a chance to see some street sights that we would miss in the Underground.

On the walk from the Saatchi Gallery to the National Portrait Gallery we passed Buckingham Palace. It's going to be long time before anyone here forgets Queen Victoria (above).

We walked for a while down Fleet Street, a historic area for newspapers and publishers. Love the mosaic message on the side of this building.

Kids at Trafalgar Square, where the National Gallery is located (and the National Portrait Gallery).

No idea what this building is, but I'm impressed, even if it is one of the smaller ancient buildings we've passed.

Not many adobe buildings here. Stone seems more popular. Probably a good idea.

Intriguing poster, but we didn't have time to see the exhibit at The National Gallery. There's way too much to see here.

Looks kinda windy in that store. 

More photos in the next article, London Walk 2.