Friday, March 2, 2012

Istanbul Photo Roundup, Part 1

Before I move on to other topics, I've rounded up some of the Istanbul photos that didn't get posted. Some are similar to others you might have already seen, but one of the reasons for this blog is to use it as documentation of our travels, and I'll use most of the material to create some coffee table books, just for our own enjoyment. And to jog our memory several years from now when we say "What was that strange and fascinating city we visited when we were young and frisky?"

The Blue Mosque. A short 5-10 minutes walk from Best Point Hotel. Name change suggestion: The Gold and White Mosque.

A Blue Mosque minaret illuminated with white light.

The source of the 5:30 am call to prayer. The actual time of calls to prayer varies everyday, since the time is based on a certain number of hours before sunrise, sunset, etc.

A Christian church in the Taksim area of Istanbul. The Pope's visit in 2006 is commemorated with a statue in the courtyard. Popes seldom drop by this part of the world for a visit. Maybe every couple hundred years.

Robin and Elmira buy ice cream from the famous ice cream guy.

A cat enjoys a meal in the Taksim area.

Jay, Elmira, and Robin stroll through the Sultanahmet area.

Jay guides us through the side streets of the Taksim neighborhood.

Taksim. It's not just a neighborhood. It's a popular street.

Jay looks for a waiter with a tray of hot Turkish tea.

This coffee shop in a courtyard is one of the most popular in Taksim.

I had every intention of buying a smoke at a cafe, but we never got around to it. Next time.

This guy keeps the coals going in the silver container. He'll also get your pipe going if you want him to.

Tending the coals. Or the tobacco. OK, I don't know what the heck he's doing, but it has something to do with the girl's shisha pipe.

It's getting darker and colder. Time to move on.