Thursday, March 8, 2012

Live The Dream & Back To Reality

Just a few more Oxford photos before we move on to other adventures.

In the middle of downtown Oxford is the Covered Market which officially opened November 1, 1774. There have been changes over the years, but still a popular place for eating and shopping.

A butcher shop in the Covered Market. 

As you enter, a poster advertises some of the shops inside. My favorites are Nothing and Next to Nothing.

One of the Covered Market entrances retains an original wall and window. 

Merton College, Robin's old stomping grounds where she studied a couple of summer semesters in recent years. 

Merton College tower. Merton is one of the three oldest colleges in Oxford.

Walking past Merton College.

Across the street from Merton College, this frieze represents an ancient symbol of maternal love and sacrifice that appears several times in Shakespeare plays and in many other works of literature. The mother pelican pricks her breast to give moisture to her young. 

Merton College campus. 

A cobblestone street outside the Merton College walls.

A game store on the edge of downtown. The sign on the entrance says "Live the dream." The exit door, as you leave, says "Back to reality." Those signs would also work well posted at the Oxford city limits.