Saturday, March 10, 2012

SAT Board Meeting, Etc.

We had a quick Friday lunch in London, near Piccadilly Circus, across the street from The Duke of York's Theatre where Robin was to attend a Shakespeare Authorship Trust board meeting that afternoon with Mark Rylance, her Brunel PhD supervisor Bill Leahy, and other notables in the Authorship Question world. 

The Duke of York's Theatre. The current production is All New People, starring Zach Braff, formerly of the TV sitcom Scrubs.

The guy from Scrubs and Hollywood movies. He's great, I like him.

While Robin was busy I stopped by Starbucks a few doors away to sip a latte and play with the new iPhoto app on my iPhone. Very cool stuff (the app, not the coffee).

On a side street of antique book stores and various other shops, I stumble across Swami Krishna with a client. I didn't realize that London was into a Deep South thing: Swa-mi, how I love ya, how I love ya, my dear ol' swami... oops, sorry, lost focus for a second.

A close-up of the tower of The Coliseum Theatre (opened in 1904), across the street from The Duke of York's Theatre. The globe on top rotates. It's my guess that no one has noticed, other than an occasional tourist photographer, like me. Change that to " a very occasional tourist photographer." 

The Coliseum has the largest proscenium arch in London. In Latin, the stage is called the proscenium, which means "in front of the scenery." Therefore, the arch or rectangle that frames the stage is called a proscenium arch. 

Just a random building corner that looked interesting. I guess that applies to most buildings in London.