Thursday, March 1, 2012

There's Just Something About Us . . .

. . . something that makes us look like we need to buy expensive Turkish carpets and ceramic pottery. 

It's partly our fault. We occasionally make the mistake of pausing as we walk. That's bad. Don't do that. Because when you pause, you also look around to see where you are, and that's the same as a baby gazelle that starts to limp at a jaguar convention. It's only a matter of time before a carpet salesmen catches your scent. 

As we walked toward the Basilica Cistern in the rain, we paused, and Kiret approached us. 

"Hello, can I help you? I'm not a guide, I'm not going to charge you money. I just want to help you because I like helping people. Where are you from? You are going to the Cistern? I will show you the way, then I will wait for you outside, then when you come out I can show you my family's stores where they sell the finest ceramic pottery and carpets. No obligation. I just enjoy helping people. I'm going to New York in April for three months to study English grammar because my English is not good. What? You think my English is good? You are too kind. There is the entrance to the Cistern. I will wait here. No obligation." 

Helpful, no-obligation Kiret.

Rifat shows us some beautiful ceramic pottery.

Rifat is a 3rd generation ceramicist and he studied ceramics at the university. This is his family business. This is really high-quality stuff. You might wonder how I know it's high-quality stuff. Rifat told us it is.

Lots of options.

Will these fit in the overhead luggage bin?

A relatively small purchase makes all parties happy and we escape - I mean leave - our helpful, no-obligation friends. 

Does he look like he just bagged a gazelle, or what?