Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At The Bowler

Robin’s Tuesday morning class location at the LMA was a short walk, a tube ride, and a moderate hike to Northhampton Road. After seeing her to her class I walked down Farringdon Street all the way to the Thames, partially sketched the Black Friar pub, then walked back to The Bowler, which is just a minute or two away from the LMA.

The bartender asked me what I thought about the Boston bombings and I did’t have a clue what she was talking about since we haven’t looked at a newspaper or TV since we got here. The Bowler has a very good WiFi connection (I’m using it right now) so I checked the CNN site. Very disturbing.

Great upscale pub. Clean. Nice open atmosphere and furnishings. A menu that includes some nice choices other than the standard pub fare. Really good food (Robin had “In Season” lamb, I had a surprisingly excellent cheeseburger. The first really tasty hamburger I've had in London. A very good WiFi connection. The Bowler gets the JT 5-Star award.

rWhen Robin got out of class for lunch, she met me at The Bowler and we celebrated her new LMA History Card with a couple of pints of Strongbow cider. Not counting the pint I had while waiting for her to get out of class.
Adele presents the new LMA History Card holder with a celebratory pint of Strongbow.

The front room. We ate in the back, near the bar. You don't want that cider to go flat during the trip to the table.