Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Sunday Work and Cooking Day

We left our Michael Bevis residence hall only once today, to shop at a neighborhood store and buy cookies and a couple of bottles of wine. For most of the day we've been working on a presentation.

Tonight we cooked two pies (apple and pecan) for tomorrow night's Flat 25 group dinner. So far I've met everyone living in Flat 25, except for an Italian girl who's away for the holiday break.

The residents are just slightly more ethnically diversified than my fellow students at Louisiana College, years ago. Most of those students were from Louisiana, with a couple from New Jersey and Mississippi, two from Iran, and a maybe one other from Brazil.

In this one flat we have:
Osman — his parents are from Pakistan, but he was born in Canada. His twin brother is here for a visit from Chicago;
Dido from Syria;
Hassim from Saudi Arabia;
Kwi from Taiwan;
Pam from Thailand;
Dao from Thailand;
Demetrius from Greece;
Abdul from Zanzibar;
Robin (and me) from the USA.

I’ll try to get photos of everyone Monday night during the potluck dinner.

Bilao and Osman, twin brothers. Pakistani parents, Canadian born.

Speaking of cooking, we went to Sainsbury’s, a large grocery store, to buy ingredients for baking pies for Monday night’s potluck dinner. We couldn’t find shortening to make a crust. We worked our way up the ladder of 4 Sainsbury’s employees, finally ending up with the head baker, and no one had ever heard of shortening or Crisco. They also have never heard of corn syrup, one of the ingredients we needed for our pecan pie recipe. We’ll get by without. I guess it’s a small price to pay for being walking distance from a pub that servers hot mulled cider.