Friday, January 20, 2012

Sketchbook Stuff

A few pages from the sketchbook.   

Paula, a student in Robin's class. Very nice, English, married to a Turk, and speaks Turkish (and English).

Robin in class, with lines 9 and 10 from Sonnet 81. But you knew that. I'm supposed to memorize all of Sonnet 81 by the end of the semester. I think I can do that, but not without some Strongbow cider and some extra study sessions at the pub.

Boats parked along the edge of the canal. Art Appreciation Tip: That's a sidewalk to the right of the boats, not water. And yes, those are boats. Hey! It was a fast sketch dangit. 

Not a ski resort, just the Brunel campus coffee shop. I'm coffee-shop-sketching while waiting for Robin to get out of a workshop. 

Sketch another student in the coffee shop, then it's time to go meet Robin after her workshop.