Sunday, March 11, 2012

Before & After Ealing

Random photos on the way to Ealing and on the way back.

Leaving for the Tube station, Robin comforts our occasional cat, after I had to shove her out the window. Just to be clear, I shoved the cat out the window, not Robin.

Parked in front of The Queens Head pub in Uxbridge: Super-cool graphics on the hood of a Mini Cooper.

Even cooler graphics on the side of the Mini Cooper.

 Waiting for the train doors to close in Uxbridge.  

From my new fine art series, Tube Shoes.

More Tube shoes. It's less invasive than pointing the camera at someone's face.

When we arrive back in Uxbridge, the walk home takes us past the place where trains sleep. 
Speaking of trains, I read that train employees are going to be given substantial bonuses just for showing up for work during the Olympics this summer. Watching the Olympic games from Santa Fe sounds better all the time.