Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Dinner on St. Patrick's Day

The four of us had dinner reservations at Murphy's elegant Lord Kenmare Restaurant. A great meal, birthday gifts from Jamie and Carla, and a Happy Birthday song from the Lord Kenmare staff.

T-shirt birthday gift from Jamie & Carla. 

As we chatted after dinner, this guy came up to our table and said "We have something in common. Today's my birthday too."

Traditional music at Murphy's. On St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't get much more Irish than this unless a herd of sheep comes in. 

David from Indiana bought a birthday cider for me. The band sang Happy Birthday to me, and announced that I was 47. David asked "How old did they say you are?" I said "They said 47 but I'm 67." 

During the ensuing conversation I told David about how we were in a pub in Cork and how an older gent who worked there had said "That's our mission: to feed the hungry and the poor." David said "You say you're 67, and this other guy was older. How old was he?" I said "I'd guess he was about 68."

Jamie and Carla somehow manage to get front row seating. 

Pipes and beer.

After the musicians stopped playing at Murphy's around midnight, there were plenty of other clubs and pubs in the immediate vicinity going loud and strong. Jamie and Carla take the lead as we go on patrol.