Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out Of The Blue in Dingle

Our first side trip from Killarney was a drive to the fishing village of Dingle, on the Dingle peninsula, the farthest western point of Ireland. And Europe. What a comfort it was to have Maureen guiding us. We named our GPS device Maureen, after the receptionist of Murphys in Killarney who tracked down Jamie's wallet at Heathrow airport.  

Dingle. Lots of restaurants, hotels, hostels, and B&Bs. It's probably packed in the summertime. 

We parked the car as soon as we realized we were in a village, and started walking. I'd read that the best seafood restaurant in Dingle was a small place named Out Of The Blue. We asked a kid where it was and he said to just go downhill toward the wharf. Dingle is on a hill and going downhill sounds like it might work. 

Lots of colorful, small streets lead to the wharf area. 

There it is. You never know what to expect. So far, it looks perfect.

"Seafood Only." We got there just 30 minutes before they stopped serving lunch, but we made it.

"Everything Fresh or Alive." Fresh is good enough for me, thanks.

A toast of wine with Jamie & Carla.

The place is fabulous. Much more upscale than its exterior looks. Great food. Wonderful seafood chowder.

Cod, Haddock, Pollock, caviar. 

Potato-crusted fish.

Lots of small shops in Dingle that are fun to visit. Too bad we won't have room on the flight back to London for things like hats.  

On the flight back to London on Aer Lingus (the Irish airline), you're allowed two carry-on bags, or one Dingle hat.

This is Funghi the Dolphin. Funghi was rescued years ago by locals after some kind of mishap in the harbor here, then never left. The town has adopted Funghi and you can take a boat out into the bay to say Hello, or Slainte (schlahn-cheh), which means health (in case you missed an earlier blog).