Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Dingle Society

I received an email from Santa Fe friends Jean & John Cheek that said they also had been to Portmagee and Dingle, and have eaten at Out Of The Blue, the great little seafood restaurant I praised in an earlier blog article. Jean and John actually spent the night in Portmagee, and two nights in Dingle.

They also informed me that the first Trans-Atlantic cable was laid from Valencia, the island next to Portmagee (where The Bridge Bar is located). After lunch at the Bridge Bar we drove to Valencia and drove all around the island, not entirely by choice. A bicycle race was in progress and we were re-routed around the populated part of the island and along the scenic coastal route.

Since that makes at least six of us (John, Jean, Jamie, Carla, Robin, & me) who've been to Dingle and have dined at Out Of The Blue, I've proposed to John and Jean that we create a Santa Fe Chapter of The Dingle Society.

Membership requirements:
(1) Been to Dingle, Ireland
(2) Dined at Out Of The Blue

Meeting format:
(1) Call to order.
(2) A toast: To Ireland, Dingle, and Out Of The Blue.
(3) Meeting adjourned.

Society slogan:
Everything Fresh or Alive
(inspired by the official OOTB blackboard)

I'll be working on membership card designs.