Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miscellaneous Photos

No need to feel shy about kissing your sweetheart goodbye at the train station. It's encouraged here.

Great art at St. Pancras train station. Just to the right, out of view, is an interior entrance to the Booking Office Restaurant in the St. Pancras Hotel.

Girlfriends chat on the Heathrow Express.

In St. Pancras station you'll find a brilliant sculpture of Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate, who is credited with saving the old St. Pancras station and hotel from demolition.

The Booking Office Restaurant. The hotel says it's casual dining, but it seemed pretty elegant to me. We had a delicious late-night dinner here.

Jamie gets excited when we ride on the Tube. Stay calm and carry on.

It's a fact, I'm sure.

A view of the River Thames as we make our final approach to Heathrow from Ireland. Less than two hours on an airplane can get you to a lot of interesting places, if you start in London (or anywhere in Europe). If you're in Texas or California, two hours on an airplane might not get you out of the state. 

Just stating the obvious for any UK blog readers that haven't been to California or Texas.