Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday in Puerto Limon

Lovely Puerto Limon

We docked all day in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. It rained most of the day, but some passengers went on shore excursions anyway. Elizabeth West went on a jungle trip and had a close encounter with a sloth. Sounds bad to me, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Robin and I stayed on board. Partly because the port of Puerto Limon makes CuraƧao look like Cannes, France. Robin, as usual, prepared more for her presentations and for the Shakespeare Quiz Show she moderates this afternoon. I shot some photos, uploaded a couple of photos to this blog, then went to the room and watched "Apocalypto" (Mel Gibson movie) on my iPod. Incredible movie. Very stressful. Very violent. I was glad the screen was just 3 inches wide.

Robin's Quiz Show was a success. The theater was nearly full and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Richard Dreyfuss was on one of the teams. Tomorrow the two winning teams from today face off.

Speaking of close encounters, we're off to dinner at the Pinnacle with Richard Dreyfuss, his wife Svetlana, Neil Bauman, and his wife Theresa.

Tick tock -- time passes…

Just got back from a fun dinner with the people mentioned above. I sat between Richard Dreyfuss and Theresa Bauman. Richard my new best buddy is real nice and had lots of great stories that included lots of names I recognized (Steven Spielberg, Marsha Mason, Neil Simon). I could have told my story about being in a minstrel show when I was in the 6th grade, but Robin and Richard were talking non-stop Shakespeare stuff.