Monday, December 21, 2009

Flat 25 News

The group dinner for the residents of Flat 25 is two hours away. No cooking activity is evident in the kitchen yet, for the potluck event that’s supposed to happen at 7 p.m. If everyone participates with a home cooked dish, the kitchen is going to be crowded pretty soon, with at least six people competing for counter space and oven racks or burners. Should be interesting. I’ll update that big event later.

Robin and I made an apple pie and a pecan pie last night. Pam, from Thailand, has been updating a reminder for everyone.

Today’s art project:
Room 10 Peephole: Hallway Variations 
The Exhibit's  World Premiere is shown below.

Hallway Variation #1: Empty Hallway

Hallway Variation #2: Robin in the Hallway

It has been another full day of working on a digital slide presentation (below) for Robin’s grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration to be held in January. The presentation will be featured in one of our first blogs for Peachpit Press, “John and Robin’s DesignWorld.”

I left the residence hall once today, to buy ice cream for the homemade pies tonight. It has been snowing lightly all day. Now, at 5 pm, the snow is getting heavier.

We leave around mid-morning tomorrow (Tuesday) for London, then York. We’ll go in to London a few hours early to visit The British Library and have lunch before our two hour train ride to York. While in York we hope to hook up with Jay Baykal, the Turkish exchange student who lived with us for a year in 2000. He and his wife live in Manchester, a couple of hours from York.