Friday, January 6, 2012

You're Always Welcome Here

WMR&Me (Wally, Marie, Robin & Me) decided to try the nearest neighborhood pub, The Gardeners Arms. Inside and out it pretty much looks like 99% of all English pubs. It wasn't crowded and the patrons who were there seemed to be regulars.

Of course Robin strikes up a conversation with Frankie, the young blond woman who's with Oscar, a small King Charles Spaniel (also a regular here). And Wally, who matches Robin in the Outgoing & Friendly Department, immediately makes friends with everyone at the bar.

Oscar left before I had a chance to take his picture, but I shot this photo before the busser cleared his dinner setting.

We got detailed explanations and recommendations from the patrons for all the menu items on the blackboard, then Frankie says "You've got to meet Vinnie, he lives upstairs and he knows everything." She rushes off to the billiards room and returns with Vinny, who is super nice and hospitable. It turns out that about four people live upstairs, including Carina, the barmaid/waitress.

Wally chats with Vinny and Frankie at the Gardener Arms pub.

Carina puts in an order for us.

Before eating I chatted with Ian at the bar about football (soccer) and Rugby. The food was good, the cider (Strongbow) was great, and we're making this place our European Headquarters. Since we write a blog for Peachpit Press (The Nondesigner's Blog), I think we'll also make Gardeners Arms our Nondesigners Blog Euro Headquarters. For sure the pub should be the European Headquarters for the Mary Sidney Society (If the Board approves. Hey Board Members, if you get a chance, hop over and see what you think. Or take my word for it.)

Ian (blue shirt) anchors the right side of the bar. A very important position that requires years of experience.

While we're at it, we might even start a new organization, The Uxbridge Art Club. It will focus on graphic art, theater arts, and Shakespeare plays, sonnets, and The Authorship Question. Hopefully we'll hold the first board meeting there in the next few days.

Speaking of art, I made a crude napkin drawing in the pub to continue the napkin art theme I started on this trip. Carina said she would post it on the wall, but instead, I think I'm going to take a sketch book with me from now on and sketch something (no matter how crude or badly drawn) on each visit.

Ye olde pub napkin sketch. The drawing isn't very good, but not tooo bad considering the cider glasses are empty.

As we were leaving, everyone said goodbye, including a couple of people at the bar we hadn't met yet. As we said goodnight, Ian said "You're always welcome here."