Sunday, June 27, 2010

Merton College

Scarlett and JohnD wait for Robin to come out of Merton College.

The Bear

Heading to some refreshment before we catch the bus out of Oxford.

University Park

Punting on the river that flows through the gigantic park.

Our picnic group enjoyed a lovely afternoon in Oxford while the rest of England watched the World Cup game between England and Germany. When we left the park later that afternoon we passed a couple of sullen, slightly drunk blokes. Robin said "Who won?" One of them grumbled back "Don't ask!"


Return to Oxford

Today we navigated our way to Oxford (walk to Uxbridge, take the Tube
one stop to Hillingdon, catch a bus to Oxford).
We met our Oxford friends, Lynn, Neil, their son James and daughter
Louise, for a picnic in Oxford University Park, a huge park on a
scenic river with punting boats floating by (punting is standing at
the back of a flat bottom boat and using a long pole to push yourself
After spending the afternoon in thr park, we went to The Bear pub for
cider and beer, then caught the Oxford Tube bus back to Hillingdon
where we'll catch the Tube back to Uxbridge.
I'm blogging from the bus now, using the onboard WiFi.
The photo is of a statue of William Herbert, son of Mary Sidney, in
the courtyard of Oxford's Bodleian Library.

Return to The Malt Shovel, Uxbridge

Last night we had a very nice meal in the outdoor garden of the Malt
Shovel. Dogs are welcome here. The regular customers pictured here
bring sheepskin beds so their dogs can be comfortable while the humans eat dinner.
Everyone agreed that The Malt Shovel is superior to the pub a little
further down the canal, Water's Edge. Much. In every way.

The Bonnie Bonnie Butts of Loch Lomond

This painting at the Cameron House reception desk illustrates how we
Americans have always misunderstood the title of this popular song.
When you're here in person and realize what a common site this is, the
song's title starts to make sense.

Search YouTube or iTunes for great versions of the song "Loch Lomond" by the great Scottish band Runrig.

Fairy Trail, Carrick golf course, Loch Lomond

A nice little wooded trail next to one of the fairways.

Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond. It's not just a tiny hamlet in southwest Arkansas.

Located on the northeast side of Loch Lomond, it's nearly three thousand feet tall.

Cameron House

Sampling a blonde ale in the Cameron bar, reading a interesting book, and enjoying the loch view.


A cool thing about kilts is that when you're not wearing them you can put them on the wall for art. I tried this with my jeans but it just didn't seem to work.

A canal stroll

We walked to Uxbridge from the Brunel campus to meet Scarlett and JohnD as they returned from Bruges.

After a disappointingly mediocre dinner at a pub recommended by the bed and breakfast host where Scarlett and JohnD are staying (the breakfast at the B&B was even worse than the pub he recommended), we strolled along the Cowley canal on the way back to the campus.

Canal scenes