Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gertrude, Iambic Pentameter, & Cat, Etc.

The usual Wednesday night stuff. If you're in Robin's Wednesday night class. Also rhetoric. And imagery. And sonnets. By the end of the semester I'll have Sonnet 81, my favorite sonnet, memorized. That would probably sound a lot more impressive if I didn't tell you that all Shakespeare sonnets are only 14 lines long.

Aargh! Shouldn't have told you that.

After class we walked back to the apartment and stopped in at the Gardeners Arms, our neighborhood pub, for a pint of cider. Pretty quiet in there except for Celia, the barmaid from Ireland, also Ian and Cynthia who we met the first time we went there. Ian remembered us as the Americans and asked how our friends were (Wally and Maria). Ian works at the RAF complex just a block or so down the street.

Our Occasional Cat is still here, enjoying the two-bedroom-giant-couch lifestyle.