Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Morning Stroll

This area of central London is known as Bloomsbury. It is most famous for the the Bloomsbury Group, writers, artists, and philosophers who frequently met between 1907 — 1930 at the house of Virginia Woolf. The group began as a few recent Cambridge graduates & their closest friends who met weekly for drinks and conversation. Their anti-Victorian views were so strong that the word “Bloomsbury” became a common term suggesting a snobbish attitude.

This afternoon we’ll take a short walk to the British Museum to see the Pompeii exhibit.

A very nice little Greek cafe/coffee shop, just a couple of minutes walk from our hotel. Now that I mention it, there must be more than a dozen coffee shops within five minutes of our hotel, including several franchise shops, such as Costa, Pret A Manger, and Starbucks.
Robin browses the shelves while we wait for a latte and a flat white. 

Next to the Greek cafe (the life goddess) is a Sicilian cafe.

The BT (British Telecom) Tower is a local landmark.
Or it could be an alien spaceship, like the one in Cowboys & Aliens. That would explain a lot.

Detail from a nearby mural.

Our room view. Looks like a dance studio from here (a big empty room).