Friday, June 25, 2010

Back in Uxbridge and catching up

WiFi/email problems have made it difficult to keep the blog up to the same pace as our activities. Some of the problems are due to my blog site,, having some compatibility problems with the Safari browser on my iPad, making it difficult to compose articles on the blogger website ("Compose" mode is not supported on the site when using the version of Safari that's on the iPad). And I can't transfer photos from my camera or iPhone to the iPad because the adapter I need from Apple is sold out and back ordered and won't be available for another several weeks. So I've been limited to shooting photos with my iPhone, emailing them to myself, picking up the mail on my iPad, saving the attached photos to the iPad, then writing a blog entry in iPad Mail and attaching photos to the message and emailing it to my account. Sometimes the photos don't get thru.

Now that we're back in Uxbridge, I don't have access to WiFi here on campus. To use my iPad for blogging I'll have to find a pub or coffee shop that has WiFi. Right now I'm on Robin's computer in her room.

I accomplished one of my goals for Scotland, I ate haggis. It's included in the Full Scottish Breakfast. It wasn't a large serving, but it was satisfying, especially if, like me, you don't get haggis but maybe once every 5 or 10 years. The good thing about haggis is, every 5 or 10 years is often enough.

Our train from Glasgow got back to London late last night, we took the tube to Uxbridge, walked the 1.5 miles from Uxbridge to Brunel and got here around midnight.

Today we're putting together some booklets (applying transfers of graphics that Robin designed to some moleskin notebooks) for a summer class that will be taught by Lynn Robson, Robin's friend and former Oxford tutor, at Oxford's Merton College. This afternoon we'll walk back to Uxbridge's town centre and meet Scarlett and JohnD at the Tube station, as they arrive from several days in Bruges, Belgium.

We haven't decided yet on tomorrow's plans, but on the list is renting a flat boat on the local canal, going to Bath, or to Wilton House (one of Mary Sidney's estates) and Stonehenge (which is near Wilton House).

Updates later. Cheers.