Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jerusalem Ticket Miracle

I don't mean to get Tebow on you here, but:

At 5:37 this afternoon Robin checked her email and received a message from her secret source (Theatre Throat) saying a second ticket had become available for Friday night's production of Jerusalem, starring Mark Rylance (Saturday night is the last performance).

The email said that Theater Throat had obtained one extra ticket and could hold it until 5:30 (it was two minutes too late already). Robin tried to email TT, then called the secret number and spoke to the mysterious TT. The ticket was still available, so barring any unforeseen circumstances, both of us will be attending the performance tomorrow night.

We'll go into town early to claim the tickets, explore, and visit an Apple Store, probably the one in Covent Garden. We also plan to go to the British Library, which is next to the beautiful and very cool St. Pancras Station, and also Eat.St (a collection of mobile eateries on London's newest street, Kings's Boulevard, that's getting good reviews).

Hmmm, I just googled St. Pancras and noticed that St. Pancras to Brussels is a 1 hour 41 minute train ride. That's barely longer than the train ride from Santa Fe to Lamy. Gotta go now to pencil another item into the calendar.

Meanwhile, I'm getting psyched about seeing Rylance's performance as Johnny "Rooster" Byron.