Saturday, December 19, 2009

More photos

Neal and Robin scuffle over who gets to pay the parking fee after dinner in Windsor last night. 
Robin elbowed him out of the way and put herself in a defensive position as Neal tried desperately to reach around her. 
He finally had to concede defeat, before someone got hurt. He was, however, able pay for dinner (thanks to a sneaky trick play in which he left the table and secretly paid the tab before it was delivered to the table). That pretty much made him the overall victor for the night. 
But the season's not over! 

A curious pigeon in Windsor wanted to know why swans get all the love.

On the Thames: Lookout fellas, I'm stretching here.

Swans: Composition #1

Today we made the icy walk to Uxbridge to go grocery shopping.  
The town center was busy, lots of shoppers, and a brass band played Christmas music.