Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Sketches

Just a quick post to say it’s very late and the Internet connection is unreliable. I hope to catch up with several postings tomorrow, as we plan to take it easy tomorrow with the only planned event being Othello at the National Theater tomorrow night.

Sold out opening night performance of The Tempest.

Quiz: photo or sketch? Hard to tell, huh?

Sketching advice: start at the top of the dome, not the middle, to make sure it all fits on the paper. 

The hamburgers at Byron Proper Hamburgers really were proper. And delicious. Jimmy, from Sicily, was very friendly and enthusiastic. He told us “You were amazing,” and that was just for placing our order.

I’ve sketched in a museum, and now I’ve drawn a self portrait. This trip has been a huge success for me as an artist.