Sunday, January 15, 2012

American Football in London

Both Wally and I are keeping up with the NFL Playoffs. 
Wally is a 49ers fan. As of a few minutes ago, I'm a loyal Green Bay Packers fan. In several more hours I might be a loyal New York Giants fan, if they beat the Packers.

In searching for an internet connection for watching the games, I subscribed to NFL Audio Pass in order to listen to playoff games. After subscribing, I saw a Game Pass subscription (for viewers outside the USA) to watch games live, so I subscribed to that also. When I tried to watch the Saints game last night, I discovered that viewers in the UK are blacked out and video is available SIX DAYS AFTER THE GAME!

I sent an email to the Game Pass support team saying this was not really useful for me and they responded within minutes, canceling my subscription and initiating a refund. 

Meanwhile, I'm listening to an audio feed of games as I watch a graph of the game plays on the NFL web site (below). I can choose which radio broadcast to listen to, the home team or the visiting team radio broadcast. 

The five-hour time difference between London and USA Eastern Standard Time makes for some very-late-night football, but when you're loyal like me, no personal sacrifice is too great. That's just how I roll.