Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hangin' out at DFW

Just waiting for my flight to board while trying to remember what bus
stations used to look like.

Airport trivia

The Santa Fe airport is the least busy airport of any Capitol city in
the galaxy. I'm just guessing, but having three commercial flights a
day makes it a pretty safe bet. Baggage handlers process up to dozens
of bags a day.

Wow. I've been on the plane one hour and we've already started our
descent. Next stop, London!

The Santa Fe Airport

It's pretty cool how in Santa Fe the airplane pulls up to within a few
feet of the back door. The UFO formations in the photo are common here. Nobody pays
any attention to them any more since that Roswell incident in 1947. We
finally figured out they're just publicity-crazy. Wacky aliens.

Attention please: JT has left the building

Not unlike Elvis, I just left the Santa Fe airport terminal, headed
straight for London Heathrow Airport (except for a quick 2 hour
layover in some little backwater Texas town called Dallas).

Flying out of Santa Fe instead of Albuquerque is... hmmm, what's the
word? Oh yeah: "lonely."