Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love This Guy

When I was in Robin's class, one of the students had a Shakespeare studies book with them. On the cover was a photo of Mark Rylance in a play on the Globe Theatre stage. 

Not many guys can wear something this green and still look cool. Respect, bro.

If you missed the earlier blog about Mark, check out the January 14 "Jerusalem" article, archived on the  right side of this page.

Wally & Maria just got back from a day in London, which included a trip to Harrod's and a couple of bottles of Harrod's wine. Which means a wine tasting event is imminent. A slow Saturday ends with a flourish! 

Compliments of Wally & Maria.

A Sunday Visit

Tomorrow morning our friends from Oxford, Lynn and Neal, are picking us up for a Sunday visit. I don't know what's on the agenda, but they're lots of fun, so I'm sure there'll be something blog-worthy and more exciting than today's agenda, which was pretty boring, consisting mostly of Internet researching, tea-making, and crumpet-toasting. A short while ago I switched to wine-sipping and Internet browsing. Things are looking up.

While Robin fought off the beginnings of a sore throat, I took a late afternoon walk into Uxbridge to ask the Mid-Eastern guy at the phone jail-breaking booth in the mall for advice on jail-breaking my new iPhone. Then I went to the Orange store (a phone carrier here) to ask about buying a micro sim card with a pay-as-you-go plan. It's all too boring and complicated to explain, but if I decide to attempt to jailbreak and unlock my phone, I'll update the results. Hopefully the worst that can happen is I jailbreak it but can't unlock it, then have to "restore" it to factory settings. Sounds fun.

Walking back to the flat after dark, I grab a shot of a man walking his dog. Our neighborhood of flats is just around the corner to the left, on the other side of the train overpass.