Friday, January 11, 2008

This blog will also appear at…

Our friends at will have several bloggers at Macworld Expo, San Francisco, offering their view of the biggest Mac gathering in the world. Robin and I have been invited to submit our thoughts, so this blog will also be available at

Matthew Cone, the founder of MacInstruct, so impressed us that we hornswaggled -- er, convinced him to co-author our book-in-progress, Cool Mac Apps, Third Edition (available soon).

If you have a Mac, visit MacInstruct. It's a beautifully designed and lovingly produced web site that offers all sorts of Mac knowledge, insights, tips, and tricks, categorized by levels (Simple, Moderate, and Challenging).

Digital regards,

There's something in the air

That's what the new Macworld Expo banners hanging inside the Mosconi Convention Center say, according to photos being published on Mac rumor sites. What could it mean? 

We'll know by noon next Tuesday. Meanwhile I'm guessing that Apple, Inc. will announce Apple Airlines—Direct service to all major cities from Cupertino, Wi-Fi Internet access in mid-flight, with stewardesses selling Mac applications and hardware along with fruit smoothies and .Mac memberships. Maybe not, but come on now, what else could it mean? 

Whatever. Robin and I are anxious to get there and start a weeklong family rendezvous (both Mac family and genetics-based family—lots of overlap there, now that I think about it). 

For those of you who have an iPhone, and are attending the Expo, check out for a Macworld Expo directory site optimized for the iPhone. The directory includes a listing of exhibitors' information and booth numbers. Click an exhibitors booth number and its location is highlighted on a map of Moscone South or West exhibit halls. It's a cool way to find the booths you want to see on such a large exhibit floor.

Stay tuned.