Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Naked Truth

Studio Broyles, in Santa Fe, is presenting a Figurative Group Show titled The Naked Truth. The show’s curator and gallery owner, Andrea Broyles, created this exhibit partially in response to other galleries’ reluctance to exhibit nudes.

An Opening Reception will be held April 19th, 6 p.m. at  821 Canyon Road, Santa Fe. The show continues through May 19, 2013.

Other artists in the show include Andrea Broyles, Mathew Chase-Daniels, Peter King, Jane Rosemont, Bob Richardson, Nita Schwartz, Anne Staveley, and Greta Young.

Unfortunately I can’t attend the opening because I’ll be in London, exhibiting art in Underground Tube stations, various famous art galleries, iconic London street locations, and favorite pubs. See exclusive coverage here at jtChatter.blogspot.com.

I have one piece the show, a shower curtain with a nude on it. I’d say this piece is in the genre of Expensive-Shower-Curtain/Affordable-Art. I haven't seen all the other pieces in the show, but I suspect that my piece, Small Vices, is the largest, most waterproof piece in the show.

Ha! How many people can say that?

Small Vices curtain art, under security surveillance until it can be transported safely to the gallery for exhibit.

To see examples of non-waterproof art, visit jtcanvas.com. Also, visit my “art” blog which includes weekly drawings and occasional other stuff: jtcanvas.blogspot.com.