Sunday, April 21, 2013

Journey to Oxford

On Saturday we journeyed to Oxford to meet our friends Lynn and Neal, who had planned an outing in the country to enjoy the perfect and beautiful weather. Some of you might not know that a Weather Goddess travels with Robin, providing unusually nice weather. This is a good thing when she arrives someplace, sometimes not so good when she leaves. The last time she left England it rained for six months.

We walked to the nearby Goodge Underground and tubed to Marble Arch Station where we caught the Oxford Tube bus (WiFi enabled) that leaves every 10-15 minutes, 24 hours a day. 
More cool Tube art. I can’t wait ’til there’s an Underground going to Abiquiu and Truchas. 
A colossal horse head at Marble Arch. 

After the bus let us off on High Street in Oxford we walked the short distance to the Covered Market, probably one of the original indoor malls, but much older, smaller, and cooler than ordinary malls. 

This meat market in the Covered Market has a variety of meats available (sob).

We ate lunch at a really cool place called pieminister that sells pot pies (slogan: Live and eat pie). I had the Chicken of Aragon pie. Yummy.

After a quick lunch we headed up the street to a location where we had arranged to meet Lynn and Neal. Along the way we encountered several musicians and pirates. Pirates and scholars: Oxford, you are so cool.

Train Station Goodbye

The gorgeous St. Pancras international train station has a great colossal bronze sculpture of a couple saying goodbye. Or maybe they’re having a staring contest. Whatever the case, I was waiting for Robin to get out of her class, next door at the British Library last Friday, so I sat on a bench and did a rough sketch.

Love this sculpture. It would look nice on the Mermaid Tavern plaza. 
When I said “rough sketch” I meant it. 

Needs a few Photoshop adjustments, but I’ll do that when I get home.