Saturday, April 27, 2013

London Sketchbook

We’re back in Santa Fe and mostly back to normal, although it does seem strange to not hear sirens during the night or to not walk to the nearest Le Pain Quotidien for a latte in the mornings.

I’ll wrap up this trip with the London sketches. There’s several new ones, plus better copies (clean scans) of the other drawings that have already appeared in previous blogs as marginal quality iPhone photos.

Averaging a drawing per day is better than I usually can do while traveling, so I’m happy with that. Add to that average at least 100 photos a day and it was a busy and fun 12 days.

Sketching a beautiful woman at Heathrow airport, London. I hope she’s on my flight.  

The flight home. We were lucky enough to have an empty seat between us, which gave us some extra room and gave me a better view of the model.

Sketching at Grosvenor Square (misspelled above), surrounded by embassies, including the US Embassy.

Another sketch in Grosvenor Square, and another misspelling.

For better or worse, I’ve permanently stamped those curtains into my memory.

The Black Friar pub, a beautiful art-nouveau masterpiece and location of the weird “Polly” story related in a previous post. 

No matter what the nationality or accent of a waiter in London, the most common greeting is “Hi guys!” Tour group leaders are heard saying “Wait up guys.” American expressions are used by everyone. While sharing a group table in the cafe area of the British Museum with several teen Japanese girls. one was chattering away in Japanese, suddenly interjecting “I was all like...” then finishing the thought in Japanese.

At least now I can say I’ve studied drawing at the British Museum. 

Still too tight. Gotta loosen up.

Inspired by London, Lichtenstein, and Robin.

Amazing bronze art at St. Pancras train station. 

St. Paul’s from the Tate Modern coffee shop.  

Sketching in the cellar bar area of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, near Fleet Street, while waiting to rendezvous with Robin.