Friday, February 10, 2012

Warm Up Drawing

A quick sketch of Robin working, to warm up for tomorrow's "drawing theatre," using the charcoal sticks I bought this afternoon.

Preparing For Drawing London & BAC

Haven't left the flat for the past two days, except to go out this afternoon to an art supply store and buy a new sketchbook and some charcoal for tomorrow's drawing session with London Drawing at the BAC (Battersea Art Centre), on the south side of the Thames.

This morning Robin held a three-hour Shakespeare tutorial session in our flat for Wally & Maria. Just sitting nearby and listening, I'm getting smarter. 

Wally and Maria, until very recently, ran the Lakeland Theater in North Carolina. One of the events they created is the Star of the Year award for a Lakeland actor, voted on by Lakeland patrons. The award  will be presented tomorrow night, so I shot a video of Wally and Maria announcing the winner, then sent the edited video to the tech guy at Lakeland. The video will be shown at the event.

The video intro graphic.

I shot video of Wally & Maria with my iPhone 4s, then did a quick edit in iMovie on my laptop. 

Below: photos from the walk to the art supply store.

St. Margaret's church, conveniently located across the street from The Queens Head pub.

A sculpture in the middle of the Uxbridge town centre, titled "Anticipation." Personally, I would have gone with "Daddy's At The Pub, I'll Deal With Him Later." But I suppose "Anticipation" is close enough. 

The Metropolitan, where artists and writers hang out. At least two of them that we know of.

Ahhh, the convenience of having two Starbucks within spitting distance. This one is outside, the one in the background is inside the mall. 

Sign on the side of The Queens Head. "A warm welcome and great value drinks here at your local." Here at your local what? Nice sign though.

These guys outside The Three Tuns must miss the old days when they didn't have to go outside in the cold to smoke. 

Once upon a time Robin and I were in a pub in Inverness, Scotland, on New Year's Eve, and the smoke was so thick we could barely hear the bagpipe playing Auld Lange Syne.