Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday stroll - part 3

After visiting the bell tower, we continued down the street to the Granada Cemetery. A long hot walk, but filled with photo ops. Across the street from the cemetery a refreshment stand caught our eye. It was too hot to consider ordering a bowl of sopa that was boiling and steaming nearby, so we had a nice, reviving, cool and refreshing Coke over ice in cold metal cups, then off to the cemetery for lots of cool shots.

Stirring the sopa.jpg
Stirring the sopa.

Sopa and Coke.jpg
JohnG orders a coke. Sopa steams in the background.

Angel and cross.jpg
Angel and cross.

Angel and cross-2.jpg
No matter what angle I choose, this monument is spectacular.

Monday stroll - part 2

During our walk, we stopped at an old church, built in the 1700s. It's the only church in town that lets you go to the top of the bell tower for a view of Granada.

Bell tower.jpg
The Bell Tower.

Bell tower stairs.jpg
Stairs to the bell tower.

John G looking over Granada.jpg
JohnG enjoys the view of Granada from the bell tower.

Cathedral from tower.jpg
The Cathedral from the bell tower across town.

church exterior 2.jpg
Oldest part of the old church, stained exterior.

Monday stroll through Granada - part 1

Remember in The Blues Brothers when Jake and Elwood drove around town with giant megaphone speakers on top of the car? You see that (or hear it) many times a day here. It seems to be one of the most popular forms of advertising. I'm listening to an advertising message right now as the car drives through Sta Lucia barrio ("Sta" is an abbreviation for "Santa").

Monday (yesterday), as Marcia took care of business here and there, JohnG and I spent the morning walking through Granada, grabbing photos and video.

Traffic near Central Park.jpg
Basic downtown morning traffic photo.

Basic happy Nicaraguan photo.

A friendly barber shop.jpg
Basic friendly barber shop.

The barber.jpg
JohnG (in the mirror) and I shoot the barber shop from both directions.

Kathy's Waffle House

JohnG, Marcia, and I walked to Kathy's Waffle House for their famed pecan waffles. I met Sandy and Kathy, the owners. Kathy is Nicaraguan, Sandy is American, from New Orleans, and a Mac user. Counting the pecan waffles, that's five reasons to love this place. Oh wait -- atmosphere -- that makes six reasons.

John enters Kathy's Waffle House.jpg
JohnG enters the Waffle House.

View from the Waffle House portal.jpg
View from the Waffle House portal, looking towards the volcano.

Sandy, owner of Kathy's Waffle House.jpg
Marcia, JohnG, and Sandy, who with wife Kathy owns Kathy's Waffle House.