Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lichtenstein Exhibit and More

I'd forgotten about this exhibit until I saw this poster in the Liverpool station on the way to Robin’s afternoon class. After got back to the room from the theater I went online and made reservations for Sunday afternoon. And I'm sure there will be lots of other interesting stuff there.

Tate Modern poster in the Liverpool tube station.

The play, Peter and Alice, starring Judy Dench and Ben Wishaw, was great. We had seats on the 5th row. More about the play in another post.

The Noel Coward Theatre. 

The set. 
The stage from the balcony. 
Almost show time.

At The Bowler

Robin’s Tuesday morning class location at the LMA was a short walk, a tube ride, and a moderate hike to Northhampton Road. After seeing her to her class I walked down Farringdon Street all the way to the Thames, partially sketched the Black Friar pub, then walked back to The Bowler, which is just a minute or two away from the LMA.

The bartender asked me what I thought about the Boston bombings and I did’t have a clue what she was talking about since we haven’t looked at a newspaper or TV since we got here. The Bowler has a very good WiFi connection (I’m using it right now) so I checked the CNN site. Very disturbing.

Great upscale pub. Clean. Nice open atmosphere and furnishings. A menu that includes some nice choices other than the standard pub fare. Really good food (Robin had “In Season” lamb, I had a surprisingly excellent cheeseburger. The first really tasty hamburger I've had in London. A very good WiFi connection. The Bowler gets the JT 5-Star award.

rWhen Robin got out of class for lunch, she met me at The Bowler and we celebrated her new LMA History Card with a couple of pints of Strongbow cider. Not counting the pint I had while waiting for her to get out of class.
Adele presents the new LMA History Card holder with a celebratory pint of Strongbow.

The front room. We ate in the back, near the bar. You don't want that cider to go flat during the trip to the table.