Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Morning Moon Meeting

Monday Morning Moon Meeting. It's a confusing title, I know, but alliteration in headlines makes you look smarter.

Or is that not working? Maybe not.

In any case, we met Jon Moon for coffee at Costas coffee shop in Uxbridge's town centre. Jon is a consultant, an author, and a leading authority on document clarity and impact. His book, titled How to make an impact, is a regular in Amazon's top books on communicating and presenting. He and Robin have known each other for a while through email, so Jon came to Uxbridge to meet her in person and to chat.

Jon's a very cool guy, friendly, with lots of interesting conversation. We've planned to get together again before we return home. He lives closer in to London, 20 or 30 minutes from here.

Jon brought Robin's book, The Non-Designer's Presentation Book, for her to sign.

A good visit. Good coffee also. Or, to continue a theme, literally lovely lattes.

From the coffee shop we made the short walk to Sainsburys, bought a rolling cart full of groceries, and walked back to the flat.

Robin (on the wine aisle) with the rolling cart we use to drag groceries back to the flat (wine bottles are heavier than I noticed back home... when I was driving to the store and back).

Why don't we have these grocery carts at Albertsons in Santa Fe? They roll sideways as easily as back and forward.