Friday, September 25, 2009

My signature Brunel pose


I'm pretty sure that most students here know who I am. Not by name, but at night, in the residence halls, in a dozen languages, they're saying "who that white haired guy always squinting at his fist?"

The first day here I saw a couple of people who obviously were parents with their freshmen children (called "Freshers" here), who took an occasional photo of their kids, so they could remember them sober. But since that first weekend, after the parents went home, I haven't seen a single camera, video or otherwise.

Wake up Brunelers! You only get this opportunity once. OK, twice in my case, but the first time I just had a Super8 movie camera without sound. And no computer, digital editing software, or the Internet.

New ballgame now. Quiet on the set! Speed! Roll 'em! Action!