Monday, February 6, 2012

One Final Paris Photo

The Sunday morning view from our Paris apartment, with a light dusting of snow. 

Every night and every morning there was an amazing amount of street noise. Even though we were on the 7th floor, voices and footsteps below sounded like they were right outside the sliding glass balcony door. But Sunday morning it was surprising how quiet it was, and how few people and cars were out and about.

It's nice being back in our ground floor apartment in Uxbridge. At noon we walked thru the slush (it snowed more here than in Paris) to the grocery store to get supplies for the next several days. 

Bill Leahy, the Head of the School of Arts, emailed Robin and asked her to give her Mary Sidney presentation to his class this coming Wednesday instead of weeks from now, so she's been working on that presentation and rehearsing (she's changed it some since the last time she presented it).

Flatmate Maria has had a bad cold since we left for Paris, so we're hunkered down here hoping she gets well instead of us getting sick. The friendly cat that showed up last week came back and slept with Robin and I last night (it's cold, wet, and snowy outside). Tonight she's spending the night with Wally and Maria.

Wednesday we'll be on the Brunel campus from noon until 9 p.m., then on Saturday Robin plans to go to the British Library to do research while I go to the London Drawing event I signed up for. 

I'm starting to miss Paris already.

As the sign says, your car will be towed if you park here.