Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Still testing certain aspects of the  blogging interface.

A friend in San Miguel de Allende sent me a photo he shot of a bullfight. I made this quick sketch from his photo.

Another iPhone blog test

Testing the behavior of images uploaded to from the iPhone.

Blogging via email

In the event that I'm having way too much fun in England, some of my
blog postings will probably be sent via email from my iPhone.

This blog entry is actually a test to make sure I'm using the correct
address and all that.

Some of those posting might have horrendous typos for two reasons:
(1) I make a lot of mistakes when typing on a handheld device.
(2) I'll sometimes use an iPhone app called Dragon Dictation which
records your voice, then converts it to text that you can email. (Above: The Dragon Dictation app on the iPhone. It's free. For now.)

So if you see a blog entry that says something strange like "the pork
spinster is beautiful," you can know that I probably was using the
Dictation app and what I really meant was probably something like "the
York Minster is beautiful." A Minster, by the way, is a church of
importance in northern England.

Of course, the Dictation app lets you correct mistakes, but if I'm in
a hurry, like trying to keep up with the tour leader taking us to the
York Minster crypt, or getting off the bus that has a WiFi connection,
I might just email the blog "as is" without correcting it.

I'll post an uncorrected blog made with the Dictation app soon, so
you'll know what to expect. And so I'll know what to expect.

Other than that, only the unexpected should be expected. Starting
December 15th.

Now imagine the movie guy voice: "jtChatter. Coming soon to a browser
near you. The Thrills of cider and pub food! The Excitement of riding
buses and trains! The Mystery of DaVinci Code - like cathedrals! The
Magic of funny accents and cars driving on the wrong side of the road!"