Friday, January 18, 2008

Party at The Franciscan Crab Restaurant

Thursday night and we just got back from a great seafood buffet dinner and party at Fisherman's Wharf, sponsored by the Apple Consultants Network, which included Crucial, DriveSavers, Peachpit Press, VMWare, and others.

Outstanding Corel Painter expert, artist, and instructor (and long-time pal) Jeremy Sutton and his sweetheart Peggy showed up. He offered a tour of his San Francisco studio tomorrow, and a visit to Peggy's current exhibit of oil paintings. We'll also get to meet track star Michael Johnson, world's fastest human. Jeremy is doing a portrait for him.

Years ago, Jeremy came to Santa Fe to give a Painter presentation to the Santa Fe Mac User Group. Minutes before the presentation started, the computer died and Jeremy thrilled the audience with a swing dance and break dancing demonstration (yeah, he's an expert dancer too). It was a favorite meeting that most members still talk about.

Jeremy Sutton and Peggy.jpg

Jeremy Sutton and Peggy


The party also featured magician Ash K, The Pretty Good.