Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secrets of the Masters, with Craig Srebnik

While in a local art supply store (Artisan Santa Fe) a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a schedule of "art talks" posted near the check-out counter. I decided to try the one called "Secrets of the Masters." I didn't recognize the name of the presenter, but that doesn't mean much since I'm not very familiar with the traditional painting world.

Although tempted to cancel at the last minute, I went and was treated to a fantastic presentation by a fabulous artist, Craig Srebnik. Craig has moved his studio and painting school from Boston to Santa Fe. When his studio opens in June, it will offer fee-based 3-hour night classes (10-week sessions) and free studio talks on Sundays. If you want to attend one class instead of the 10-week session, there's a separate price for that.

Craig is inspiring, knowledgeable, and a fabulous painter. During the 2-hour demo, he started with a blank canvas and transformed it to the portrait study shown below. And at least half of the time he was talking instead of painting. I'm not sure if I love him or hate him.

See more of his work at