Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Wonder Of It All

This drizzly morning, flatmate Maria and I took a walk in the rain to catch a bus to a second-hand store to buy four sturdy wooden chairs that will replace the four super-flimsy metal folding chairs that we're currently using. By "using" I actually mean "avoiding-like-the-London-plague." Especially after seeing one fold up in an unintentional way with Wally in it. Delivery is scheduled for Friday.

After whipping the chair project into shape we journeyed across the road to the Wonder Cafe for breakfast. It's a local favorite, meaning locals within a stone's throw. And the service is fast. "Your food often arrives at the table before you do" according to a local's endorsement. 

The food photo below should convince our ChicaGourmets foodie friends, Jim and Don, to put the Wonder Cafe on their "must experience" list. 

The Wonder Cafe. I wonder where that name comes from.  

I wonder if anyone who sees this display actually says "Wow, that looks good! And it's normal!" 
(And don't forget... it's fast!)

I wonder why it's not very busy, being a local favorite and all. We got lucky, I guess.

A customer at the order counter. I wonder if he's normal.

I'm starting to realize this place has the perfect name. 

Branding genius!