Monday, March 26, 2012

Backtrack to Dingle

Here are some photos from our Dingle Day, courtesy of Jamie who is recovering in Kentucky (but with fond memories). Jamie's birthday is the 28th, so we made this a dual-birthday celebration. However, we will celebrate again on the 28th. Because 67 is not for wimps. 

A very Dingle street.

The Dingle harbor. Crazy busy in the summer I'll bet. 

Funghi & Carla. I sense a connection here.

Darnit Dingle, you're just so adorable.

Robin and a friendly Irish chap at Inch Beach, on the way to Dingle.

 He looks familiar, but I can tell he's Irish. The hat is a dead giveaway.

Had trouble shaking the Irish guy. In a situation like this you just stop in the nearest pub, then walk back out alone.